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Fall Leaves


& Venue Policies


  • In which county is The Parker Mill located ?

We are located in Jackson County, NC.

  • What time does the venue shut down ?

The rental period must conclude no later than midnight.

  • When is leaf season?

Every year is different of course, but typically our leaves begin transitioning at the end of September and peak in vibrance the 3rd-4th week of October. If storms hold off, our colors will stay until early November.

  • What is the weather like?

Generally summer temperatures reach into the upper 80's and cool to 60's in the evenings; winters can be mild but are known to drop to the low 30's/upper 20's; and the spring/fall months average a high of 70's-80's and dip to the 50's-60's at night.

  • Do you have on-site lodging?

While we do not have lodging directly on the property, we are excited to refer accommodation services to our historically-related lodge and neighboring AirBnB, located just up the road, sleeping up to 60 guests. See details here. Other nearby lodging options can be found off surrounding highway exits (Dillsboro and Cherokee).

  • Is there cell service/Wi-Fi?

Cell service can be spotty for certain cell phone carriers in the mountains. The venue does have two secure wi-fi networks for guests and vendors. Passwords are provided upon request.

  • When can we rehearse?

One-hour rehearsal sessions are included in our packages and may take place any available time the week leading up to the event, usually the evening prior. If another event is booked, we offer several alternative options. To guarantee rehearsal time the evening before and allow more time for set-up, rehearsal dinner, etc, couples have the option to add the evening-before add-on service [excludes Sunday events] at the time of booking.


  • What does the Booking Process entail?

Couples are always encouraged to start with a venue tour to ensure we are the right fit! From there, you'll receive an interactive quote where you will essentially "build your package". Once the quote is accepted, we will send the contract with your package details followed by the invoice/payment information. The booking process is completed only when the first payment has cleared.

  • How strict are the guest count limits?

Guests include all adults and children/babies other than the couple and their vendors. The logistics for micro-weddings do not allow for more than 30 guests. Elopements can potentially allow for additional guests depending on ceremony site location and itinerary details. Mountaintop ceremonies have less flexibility to accommodate this request due to shuttling limitations.

  • Can I bring my pet?

Venue-approved pets are permitted, outside only, as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after. Pets must be removed from the property following ceremony/cocktail hour on event days. Pet-sitting services can be found on our preferred vendor list.

  • What vendors are required?

For wedding events, the venue requires a professional and insured day-of-coordinator, caterer, reception music, and bartender if applicable.

  • Do you have a preferred vendor list?

Our extensive and comprehensive preferred vendor list is included with our wedding packages and provided to couples upon securing their booking with their initial payment.

  • Can I bring my own vendors?

You are welcome to bring your own vendors as long as they meet venue requirements. See below for more details regarding off-list vendors.

  • Can I bring my own Decor?

You may bring your own personal items including furniture but please be sure to follow our decorations guidelines. Please note that venue staff does not handle set-up or clean-up of any personal items.

  • Is the venue handicap accessible?

The Parker Mill has handicap accessibility throughout the entire property including a designated parking area, ramps and sidewalks, ADA-compliant restrooms and getting-ready stations.

  • Is smoking/vaping allowed?

Smoking/vaping is allowed only in designated outside areas.

  • Do you provide linens/Flatware?

We do not provide these items. Our farmhouse tables were specifically selected for couples to be able to forego linens if desired. You are welcome to bring your own or rent from outside companies.

  • Can you accommodate virtual tours?

While we strongly encourage in-person tours if possible, we can accommodate virtual tours as well.

  • Do you allow Drop-ins?

Due to our limited availability, we are happy to accommodate venue visits by appointment only. You may schedule a time using our link below.

  • Does the venue have heat/air?

All indoor/enclosed areas are climate-controlled with heat & air.

  • What is required by NC to make my wedding official?

Find out here!

  • Can we leave vehicles overnight?

Vehicles may only be left overnight between multi-day rental periods. All vehicles, personal items, rental items, etc., are allowed on-site during the rental period only. Unauthorized vehicles left on-site outside of the rental period will result in a venue fee + towing at owner's expense.


Venue Policies

Long Wedding Table

Venue Access

Each wedding package designates a specific number of hours for venue access. Hours may be added only to the event rental period at hour hourly rate. The time-frame is chosen by the client but must start no earlier than 8:00am and end no later than midnight. Venue access entails venue doors open to venue doors closed. All set-up and clean up must take place during this timeframe. No overnight parking or storage is permitted beyond the venue rental period. Unauthorized vehicles left on-site are subject to towing at owner's expense. Additionally, an overage fee may be charged if the client or any associated guest or vendor is on property beyond the time granted with the rental period or related appointments (photo shoot, walkthrough, rehearsal).


Soft Holds

The only way to fully secure a date is to complete the booking process via contract signing and initial payment submission. A couple may place a soft hold on a single date only after a venue tour, while reviewing the interactive quote. This hold will expire after 30 days or once another couple "challenges" the soft hold (expresses serious interest in the same date), whichever occurs first. If a soft hold is challenged, the couple with the soft hold will have 24 hours to either move forward with the booking process or relinquish the date. If the date is relinquished, the challenging couple must move forward with the booking process at that time.

Credit Card Purchase


Payment is split into two equal and non-refundable installments; the first due 30 days after contract introduction and the final due 30 days

before event date. Additional services may be added later but updated pricing will apply. Accepted forms of payment include cash,

check, credit/debit cards, and direct bank transfers. Cash is accepted via hand-delivery only. Mailed payments must have a

tracking number. Card transactions incur a 3% fee. Wire transfers incur a $16 bank fee.

Entering credit card details

Deposit & Fee(s)

In place of collecting a security or damage deposit, The Parker Mill obtains credit card information to be kept confidentially on file. Authorization is obtained to allow charges to be made to the card on file if any of the following scenarios apply:  excessive cleaning is required; any venue items become missing or damaged during the event time frame; time on the property exceeds the agreed-upon time frame permitted; venue staff must perform duties outside of their scope of services; any other venue policies are not upheld. 

Venue cost excludes costs for other vendors, fees for required documentation of Day-of Event Liability Insurance ($230), Alcohol Permit ($50), other vendor costs, and any applicable reprocessing fees for venue documents (quotes, contracts, invoices, etc.).


Date Change

Date changes are permitted without additional cost (aside from a $25 reprocessing fee) if the new package amount is of equal/lesser value than the original package. A $500 fee will apply for each applicable situation:  the reschedule date exceeds one calendar year from the

original date; the client provides less than 90-day notice, an official date change has already occurred.

The client is responsible for any rate change in package pricing at the time of rebooking. 

Discussion With Two People


Revoked event dates at any point following contract submission is deemed a "cancellation". Upon cancellation, all outstanding payments are due immediately. Refund may be issued only if the event date has been rebooked. If the rebooked date utilizes a package of equal/greater value than the original booking, this results in total refund minus a cancellation fee. If the rebooked date utilizes a package of lesser value than the original booking, this results in refund of differences in package pricing minus a cancellation fee. Unsuccessful rebooking results in forfeit of all monies paid.

Wedding Venue


Any decorations brought in, as well as their fixation technique, require prior venue approval. Decorations & their fixation may not permanently mark or damage the venue. Sparklers and bubbles may be used outside only. Rice, birdseed, glitter, confetti (including biodegradable), and individual

silk flower petals are not permitted anywhere on the premises. Balloons may only be used on road signs for means of directing traffic flow.

Balloons may only be inflated in the suites, restrooms, or off-site. All decorations are to be set up and removed during the rental period only.

If a step stool or ladder is required, this must be brought in as clients, guests, and vendors are not permitted to use the venue's equipment.

Wedding Ceremony

Guest Count

The Parker Mill can accommodate up to 250 guests for a traditional wedding. Dining accommodations needed beyond the

included amount may be rented no later than 14 days prior to event date. The Parker Mill can accept last-minute

place-setting/chair adjustments up until morning of event date.



The following requirements must be met to have alcohol at your event:  you must purchase your own alcohol; no alcohol may be sold on the property; you must obtain a "Limited Special Occasions Permit" from the NC ABC; no shots, neat drinks or funnels allowed; alcohol must not be consumed out of glassware; self-service is permitted only in the suites prior to guest arrival or start of bartending services (whichever occurs first); "last call" must take place15 minutes prior to conclusion of bar services and at least75 minutes prior to event end time; alcohol consumption on the premises

must terminate upon conclusion of bartending services.



The Parker Mill is a non-smoking, non-vaping venue meaning smoking or vaping of any type is not permitted inside any building/structure or near entrances of any building/structure. All smoking/vaping must take place in the designated outdoor areas ONLY where signs are placed. Any debris must be disposed of in designated receptacles. Illegal substances are not allowed at any time on the premise. Policy breach is prohibited and subject to immediate removal from the premises, fine, and possible event termination without refund.

Bridal Bouquet


For safety and security purposes, the bridal suite and groom's quarters will be secured during the event. At that point, limited access may be granted to the wedding party as needed. Any alcohol in the suites will be transitioned to the bar to be served during cocktail hour and reception.


Buffet-style dinners must be served by catering staff to ensure proper sanitary serving technique, efficient serving time, and adequate portion control.

Delivery and pick-up times of rental items (including plates, flatware, glassware, napkins, etc.) must be coordinated with the venue as to avoid interference with other scheduled events.

Business Meeting

Off-List Vendors

Certain off-list vendor types must provide proof of insurance and sign a vendor agreement prior to the event.

An off-list vendor fee of $200 applies to each of the following categories:  reception music, bartending, and day-of-coordinator/planner. 

Family/friends are not permitted to fill the role of coordinator/planner. If any off-list vendor fails to carry out their responsibilities during the event, causing additional work/responsibilities for the other vendors, an additional labor fee will be charged to the couple at the conclusion of the event.

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