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I just secured my date... YAY!


what's next?


We are so excited for your big day to arrive! To assist with your planning process, here are some venue specs & a link to direct you on next steps. We hope this helps with fine-tuning your decor details. Please feel free to share this with your florist and anyone else involved with your layout decor/design!


If you have any other specific questions, you may reach out to us by phone or email - whichever is more convenient for you!

Call/text:  828-507-2599

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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Helpful Hints

Reception Hall Details

Garage doors are 10' wide and 10' tall.

There are 5 beams in the ceiling, measuring 12' apart and 15' high.

The room can fit up to 14 tables with dance floor & DJ/band space; 18 tables without

dance floor & DJ/band space.


This means seating capacity in reception hall is 180. Additional seating space is available in

the cocktail room or patio.

Window measurements

with trim:  80.5" x 56.5"

Space between windows = ~17"

Window height from floor = 127"


Inside:  58" L x 8.5" W x 4" H mantle; 5' from top of hearth to mantle top; 14" tall hearth

Outside:  90" L x 12" W x 4" H mantle; 57" from top of hearth to mantle top; 10" tall hearth; 42" W x 30" fireplace opening


Vehicles may NOT be left overnight unless the following day is also rented.

Please remind your guests of this so

they may plan accordingly.

Venue-approved pets are welcome for ceremony only. They must be leashed,

cleaned up after & removed from premises following the ceremony.


Central heat/air in entry, suites, cocktail room, & guest restrooms. The Reception hall and kitchen each have mini-split units.


Mini-splits may only be in use when

garage doors are closed.

Extended Rehearsal

Not applicable for Sunday events.

Peak rate adjustment applies.

Beer/wine only; alcohol policy applies.

Separate decor setup & separate table layout each incur additional fee.

Table Details


The large tables are 9' long x 40" wide & stand 30" high. They fit 4 chiavari chairs on each side and one at each end, totaling up to 10 chairs per table.

The sweetheart table is 46" long x 30" wide with the front opening measuring 37" x 25". It fits 2 chiavari chairs.


Eight live edge tables measuring 41-42" high x 24-29" in diameter.

Furniture Included

Included with the venue:  tables/chairs (amount is based on your package), 8 cocktail tables, 2 wire spools, & all outdoor patio furniture. All of these pieces may be moved to accommodate your guest traffic flow. The only furniture with included cushions are the black patio chairs usually placed at the bridal suite. You may bring your own cushions/pillows for other furniture pieces.

Arbors & larger furniture items may be rented separately.

Photo Shoots

Once you find a date that works for you and your photographer, email or text 828.507.2599 to confirm venue availability and get scheduled.

Shoots may last up to 90 minutes and are usually scheduled on available evenings

Sunday - Wednesday.

Hair & makeup should be done offsite,

prior to arrival.

Pavilion & More

The aisle is 7' wide.

The pavilion doors are 4' wide. x 12' tall. The entry opening is 80" across. The walls of the pavilion measure 3' high.

There are 14 pews on each side. The first four pews have built-in cushions. They stand 33" tall, are spaced 40" apart, measure 23" wide at the base and 18" wide at the top.


Cross:  60" wide x 114" tall; 4" x 6" beams

Triangle:  90" wide x 108.5" tall

Hexagon:  8' tall/diameter with 58" sides

Entry/Cocktail Bar

Entry countertop:  18' L x 19.5" W

Cocktail bar:  11.5' L x 2' W; 45" tall
Shelf behind bar:  111" L x 8" W


Tall spool:  33.5" diameter x 32" H

Short spool:  36" diameter x 26" H


Other Furniture

Antiqued buffet table: 59"L x  19.5"W x 33"H

Vintage pink sofa:  72.5"L x 32" W x 41.5"H

Venue Requirements

A LIMITED SPECIAL OCCASION PERMIT is required if any alcohol is on-site or being served to your guests. This should be sent in at least 4-6 weeks prior to event date to ensure approval is obtained in time. The form can be accessed here.


EVENT LIABILITY INSURANCE policies must be obtained here to ensure the proper coverage is acquired.

Exteded Reharsal
Other Resources:

Please inquire for off-list vendor insurance requirements.

Floor Plan
Decor closet

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